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Anisimov Sergey, Russia    EFIAP,  MPSA, Master-PHOTOART,  GPU-4CR



Was born on the 31st of March 1961, the radio engineer by eduation.  Finished the Kiev institute of engineers of civil aviation. Eighteen years has worked as an engineer in Salekhard aviation enterprise.  Now Sergey is a director of the technical company. Photography is  a favourite hobby. Likes to travel. Has visited many countries around the  world. A favourite places of taking pictures are northern and Arctic regions of the world. Greenland, Spitsbergen, an island of Vrangelja, Canada, Norway – not the complete travelling list.  But the best place is Yamal region where Sergey lives.  

570 awards. Including 237 medals (127 Gold) at the international photo contest. Author of 6 albums.  The patricipant more then 450 exhibitions in 63 countries of the world.  38 personal exhibition.    

Organizer  Global Arctic Awards.     

TOP-10 "Who is Who in Photography" 2014, 2015       








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