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Opening ceremony of photo-exhibition of S.Anisimov «I Love, you Yamal!» in I.Shemanovsky exhibition centre

On the 31st of March2011 inI.Shemanovsky exhibition centre  opening ceremony of photo-exhibition of S.V.Anisimov "I love you, Yamal"" has taken place. On thew same day author had his 50th anniversary.  More than 160 pictures were presented with the nature of Yamal – a source of inspiration of the photographer.

The northern nature on its pictures shakes by the color palette: from winter morning to the unusual polar lights, from cold spring to bright summer day. The native reindeer breeders living in harmony with the nature already became the heroes of photos.

Here you can see sun-scorched face of old men, and artfully blinked eye of the kid. As well as Yamal beatiful women in national clothes and the young mums who are coming back to native plagues and, certainly, a symbol of life of native people – a deer. The exhibition works from March the 31st till April the 20th, 2011

Opening time: from 10 am till 6 pm without breaks and weekends. 

The general sponsor of an exhibition is "Novatek PLC". Financial support was also provided by "Unicorbank PLC".

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