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Art festival "Traditions and modern life"

Art festival "Traditions and modern life" taking palce in Moscow.  The beginning of spring in capital was celebrated by opening of  a traditional Art festival «Traditions and modern life-2011».

Moscow citizens and city visitors will have a unique possibility to see the best works of young artists, schedules, sculptors, photographers, masters of arts and crafts from all over the world.   In manège were presented expositions from Russia, the USA, Romania, Germany, France, Italy and Greece. In total  hundred authors will take part in the exhibition. Also  collections of rare dolls  will be presented. Winners will be defined in nominations: "Schedule", "Painting", "Sculpture", "Photo", "Applied art" and «Museum business». The festival is made to support  young authors as well as to develop cultural contact between artists from different countries. The festival 2011 is made together with UNESCO.

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