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"Colors of the North" 50 euro (3000 rub)
"I love you, Yamal!", 50 euro (3000 rub)
"Arctic. The Magic of Attraction" 50 euro (3000 rub)
"Fascinated with the North", 2008
"Salekhard - a favourite city on the Polar circle", 2010
Волшебный мир Арктики
"This surprising Yamal!", 2010
New Urengoy
Arctic. Best Photos -Global Arctic Awards
Arctic. Best Photos -Global Arctic Awards 2
Ямальский ежедневник (иллюстрированный), 2014-2015
Photo album "Polar Ural"
Photo album "Gornoknyazevskl"
Photo album "This is Yamal"
Photo album "Salekhard"

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Волшебный мир Арктики

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