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"Arctic. The Magic of Attraction" (100$ /5900 rub. including postage). Text: Russian / English
"Colors of the North" 70$ (4200 rub, including postage)
Poetics of the boundless tundra, 2019
"I love you, Yamal!" (70 $ /4200 rub including postage )
"Fascinated with the North", 2008
Салехард - столица Ямало-Ненецкого автономного округа (2019)
Волшебный мир Арктики
"Salekhard - a favourite city on the Polar circle", 2010
"This surprising Yamal!", 2010
Волшебный мир Арктики - 2023 г.
Arctic. Best Photos -Global Arctic Awards
New Urengoy
Arctic.Best Photos Global Arctic Awards 2(70$ /4200 rub.Including postage Text: Russian / English
Ямальский ежедневник (иллюстрированный), 2014-2015
Photo album "Polar Ural"
Photo album "Gornoknyazevskl"
Photo album "This is Yamal"
Photo album "Salekhard"
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"Fascinated with the North", 2008


format 29.7х21см., 128 pages.


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© 2011, Photographer Sergey Anisimov.
All rights reserved.
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